August 6th 2007

Random Thoughts: Why I Love Cats

I have been posting some pretty hefty stuff – and I have a bunch more that I am about to upload. So here are some random thoughts.

I do not consider myself a womanizer and in regards to “skilz”, I am somewhere over on the ‘bumbling’ end of the scale; but I can say this: I genuinely and thoroughly love women. I just do; and that is all I will say, sparing you a deep philosophical/theological conversation that I will purposely avoid.

But I will not avoid it completely; rather I will attempt to do something that I have rather enjoyed doing as of late: going to traditionally defended ideological positions via a radically different and perhaps completely unexpected route which, while not being fully removed, is also not ambiguously circuitous neither in it’s departure nor its arrival.

So rather then tell you how I Love Women; I shall rather tell you why I love cats, and I shall leave the connecting of the dots to you, the reader.

Why I Love Cats:

1) Cats both receive and give love on their own terms and their own time

2) Dogs are differentiated personality-wise by breed; Cats much more so on an individual basis.

3) You don’t chose your cat – your cat chooses you.

4) Dog’s have owners- Cats have staff; when you call your dog it comes, but your cat will let it roll to voicemail.

5) Even given all the above- given time, patience and opportunity, you can still spoil almost any cat, if you know how to do it – and over time earn its love.

6) Even the most spoiled, loyal cat can still scratch you and hurt you.

7) Roses are beautiful and smell wonderful – but they have thorns; cats make faithful companions, are soft and fun to pet – but they have claws and teeth.

8) Cats are great listeners. Sometimes that’s all a person needs – is just someone to hear.

9) Cats put their crap away.

10) Cats are creatures of the night

11) A cat can see things in the dark that you can’t

12) You can never fully figure out what a cat is


13) Having a cat in your life means you also have less mice in it as well.

14) Cats have natural elegance

15) Cats are natural snugglers – and they will show you what they like and where. They don’t always make you guess how to please them.

16) Cats will never fault you for an afternoon nap; they will encourage it.

17) Cats always land on their feet after something unexpected.

18) A good cat is by default low maintenance; both emotionally – and physically.

19) People who love cats and understand all of the above know more about giving and receiving authentic love then the average person.

20) Everything a man needs to know about how to love, treat, and appreciate a woman in his life, a cat can teach him.