Dear ____,

Thank you so much for the response! To be honest – I’ve been on here for at least a year – longer then that on some of the other sites…I have come to view ‘all of this’ with varying degrees of fascination, fear, and wonder, hahaha. This is a very big pond with very dirty water and a lot of very…lets just say…weird & dangerous fish! I still have hope that there are women out here worth taking chances for in terms of meeting them; I think I’ve met a few – but it was just not in the cards for us to be together. A number of them are actually facebook friends – and I’ve had the privileged (I do count it as that) of seeing them find love, marriage, and happiness – so I do know that it can and does happen! Just gotta be careful!

What I am I looking for? I think that *most* people are looking for unicorns or FWBs – that is to say that they could not find the perfect mate in their own imperfect words – so they have turned to the virtual – as if that will make a difference? I never garner any of their attentions – so I don’t worry about them, lol. The FWBs thing goes without saying – I believe that it is bass ackwards to have sex with someone first and then hope a meaningful relationship starts later, pffft.

In terms of what I’d hope to find on here; a new friend to have dinner with and engage in amazing conversations…someone who is successful in the ways that matter: when you surround yourself with that – it rubs off on you – you agree? I am attracted to strong female archetypes, but who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable to the right person, at the right time, and who has *most importantly* earned it. I’m following the map marked on my father’s map – whose are you following….?”
Hope this finds you well;)