One must accept the possibility that the universal divine essence has within the continuum of human history disclosed objective realities regarding itself to humanity – and if these objective revelations (either revealed as objective truths, directly or indirectly [that is to say subjectively] are to be taken with some degree of respect and thus accorded the reality of their own potentiality – they must also be allowed the potential of offense; this is to say – you may not like what the universal divine essence has revealed about itself. Failure to accept these objective truths or even the potentiality of their existence does not make the followers of them bigots but it does allow for the reality that you yourself may be worshiping your own created god-image: an idol that you, yourself created consisting of your own acceptable means and rejections of other truths. People who constantly berate others who devoutly follow other traditions of faith and accuse them of dogma are often these same types of people – and a meaningful gauge of just how much of their own crap they are following is often directly proportional to just how reluctant they are to embrace anything that is potentially offensive to their own state of existential freedom.