Why do you wish to be my friend?

One should never make assumptions regarding the Universe nor those events that transpire within it; shall I consider your invitation to be the feeble, initiatory efforts of a nameless, faceless marketing enterprise that views neither I nor thyself as having any tangible worth beyond a point in a statistical marketing results graph? These would be my honest presuppositions – but dare I always assume so? Perhaps you read something that I wrote; but I assume virtually no one reads my own scribble; and yet this too is an assumption; and neither hope nor an appreciation for the existential dread and decay posited within the mortal confines of our own embodiments of spirit and flesh are fully constituted by wholesale embracement of assumption; for we must expect the unexpected – as Francis Bacon once wrote – “all colors agree in the dark”, but were it not for light; would we know that we were colors at all? And if it were not for despair would we not know hope? And if it were not for the unexpected, would we not also know presuppositions? Therefore I choose to acknowledge potential – and I charge thee with it; to break my darkness, and challenge my light – to prove me wrong and to give you the chance to experience a new ground of being then that which neither I nor yourself ever presupposed was possible.