This was a response to Chris Rosebrough's recent post
Here’s the Steven Furtick Bonus Track from Perry Noble’s new techno dance album “More Like Jesus” entitled Cause They’re Stupid​fftf/Stupid.mp3

I hope that in responding to this - I am not considered a troll, lol - but I honestly could not resist. I've been thinking about this all day. Before I say anything, let me preface this by saying that I am acquainted with the so-called 'worship wars' that have been going regarding this.

I want to establish five points:

   1) I take the 'stupid' comment as satire - which is to say that it is not as much a derogatory as much as pointed observation (SEE POINT 3).
satire |ˈsaˌtīr| noun
The use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
satirist |ˈsatərist | noun

   2) In terms of musical instruments, do we really need to have a conversation regarding what kind of musical instruments we are allowed to use - and how we can use them. I am employing satire here: should we consult the Church of Christ on this issue?

   3a) This is perhaps the biggest issue - and (IMHO) it is really the centrally mediating issue here. Any missionary who has worked in a diversity of cultures will tell you that music forms are very culturally-mediated, and that more so important to this point, they are engrained into the minds and the hearts of the participants thereof. Are you going to make an argument that the Piano and the organ are 'christian' instruments, and the saxophone and drum are of the devil? Are you going to argue that your culture is 'anointed' to use the right musical instruments to worship the right way: that your culture is the embodiment of musicological orthopraxy? No wonder so much of Evangelicalism is losing the culture war.

   3b)  Many of the aspects of our preferences and behaviors are things that have been distinctly hardwired by culture, behavior, and decisions. For some people, learning to appreciate a different kind of music, involves the same neurological physio-chemical rewiring process that someone would undertake if they learned a second language later in life. (BTW, I'll be a 5th semester German student next semester, and I'm 39, and it has been VERY difficult for me). There are reasons that learning a new language, or developing a new skill is hard, our brains lack  Neuroplasticity ( and the kinds of music that you like, are engrained like circuitry in certain ways. We are truly wonderfully and fearfully made. I believe that there is something to be said about the benefits of learning new languages, learning to play an instrument, and being able to enjoy things that you were wired to be averse or uninterested in (specifically speaking of music here) in terms of cognitive health - especially as we get older. Doing crossword puzzles is only one way to stave off senility - there are other aspects to 'building new connections' in your head. Learning to appreciate other forms of music fit into this as well. 

   4) I have little or no use for machinations of piety that legislate away potential for redemption. Period.

   5) I believe that we are guilty of subverting the scripture into our image/insecurities/doubts when we first purpose to impose our version of "safety" were the scriptures first advocates "responsibility" (this is one point in which I believe certain churches get the 'alcohol issue' heretically wrong).

   6) we can no longer afford to see 'culture' as we see it and understand it to be "anointed" for others the same way that it is "anointed" for us. This is presuppositional soteriological arrogance at best - and at worst, it is idolatry. What we are calling God's culture, really isn't biblically based. We are guilty of eisogesis when it comes to culture. If the world realizes that - do you really think they are going to listen to the exegesis on the things we do get right?  Talk to me about how you are going to convince this generation that God's design for human sexuality is the right choice - even if it hurts for a lifetime. That is what I want to hear. That is the meat and potatoes that people are hungry for.